An exclusive European track event: Portimao

An exclusive European track event: Portimao

Escaping the dire UK weather by flying to Portugal to photograph supercars and racecars on a private track day was a dream that came true at the end of March this year. The Algarve was experiencing its fair share of rain too but fortunately there was a break in the clouds for the three days we were out on the Formula One testing circuit.

This flowing rollercoaster of tarmac is a must drive! The daunting Circuit Portimao has blind crests and tricky cambers to keep challenging you each and every lap.

Ron Simons, RSR Nurburg

The track proved to be a stunning backdrop for capturing cars at high speed, the mountainous backdrops in all directions and bright sunshine ensured that I didn’t stop taking pictures, I racked up around 14,000 shots across two cameras. The organisers, Parabolica Driving Events and RSR Nurburg did a fantastic job arranging the whole trip, including evening meals, go karting for all and a coast drive on a free morning.


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